How to keep yourself entertained during long flights

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Surviving long flights is not easy as it sounds. It takes courage to fly for such a long time πŸ™‚

What I am writing is how to ENJOY the long flight! Please note that some of the assumptions ARE assumptions and I am sure will be taken lightly. Anyway, the survival of this long flight totally depends on the pilot .. hahaha Just kidding… Let us not consider the long layovers where you end up being anxious about security checks, boarding and who will be your co-passenger (often – not someone whom you like πŸ˜› )

Avoid following people

We keep on searching ways to kill time. We see and follow people. This often lands you in a soup! My co-passengers this time, were sleeping for 13 hrs off the 15hr flight, I tried that! IT WAS not happening. Hence, just sit back and relax .. Wait! No pun intended πŸ˜›

Eye Masks are good

Cut the light and use eye mask, The airline will have their branding done on it, Cautiously use it other-way round, almost all, who are flying with you know that they are flying with THE AIRLINE which has brand name on the eye mask. Please note – get over the temptation of packing up blanket or the headphones orΒ  the ear plugs with you while you leave the plane.

Have a chat with smart cabin crew

Hence, I mentioned that DO NOT sleep all the time.

So yes, since you have to take a walk after every 2 hrs, you get a chance to meet the smart crew members WHO ARE Smart! During my walk in the flight, I asked one member what motivates them to serve passengers on flight – oops that was a wrong question, BUT then WE had a lovely conversation for next one hour.

More water and food

The best part is, every staff member thinks you are hungry, even at 5 am! But yes, they are right. Enjoying food which you have already paid for, is a nice time killer. By eating all the meals, drinking all the juices and having movie snacks, loads of chocolates – cakes etc, you tend to feel happy – This is absolutely necessary to ignore the sore back, uncomfortable neck pain and um-mm… farting co-passengers!

On a serious note – always keeps yourself Hydrated. Keep on drinking. WATER is what I mean. Alcohol helps in dehydration – THOUGH it is tempting to have free liquor 30,000 ft above earth! AVOID.

Watching movies is fun

A wonderful opportunity to watch international films with English subtitles. A secret recipe – for when you opt for sleeping well during the flights! Along with movies, books over 196 pages also help in sleeping. If your luggage weighs less, AND you don’t use a kindle, do not forget to carry books with you!

Be patient. Flight wont leave until you leave

I have no clue why people always hurry to get the cabin bags down and run off the plane. Probably they haven’t read this article. Now that you have read it, be patient, sit back and then leave the plane.

Greet the lovely ladies, say thank you! And BE READY for long queues at the immigration. HENCE I said – Be Patient!





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