Perot Museum of Nature and Science – Dallas

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The Dilemma

To be very honest, visiting nature or science museum always puts me in a dilemma. Same happened with Perot Museum, Dallas. I had read some information on their website – and it looked interesting. I purchased a CityPass – where the entry fee for the museum was at a discounted price.

First Impression : WOW

Main Building of Perot Museum

It is a huge fancy building. If you happen to visit downtown, Dallas, this building is hard to miss. We already had a pass, the next step was to go inside and collect our general pass. It was very easy and convenient. 3 Movies were playing that weekend in their community theater – we opted for Dream Big!

It was a fantastic movie on how engineers have found out creative solutions to the problems of mankind.

More information on the tickets and visiting hours

A must visit place when you are in Dallas – Top to Bottom overview of the building

Perot Museum – Amazing experience exploring the floors

When I started looking at the installations, panels and some working models, I was pretty sure to finish off the visit in 45mins to 1 hr. I spent 3 hrs there! It is so intriguing to see the way information is presented. Not only kids, but adults too were enjoying all the floors. A nice dose of information coupled with practical experience for various experiments. E.g. mixing of RGB – colors using a big model. Kids were enjoying every bit of it. I tried it too..

Mix RGB colors using a console – this changes the color on the installation

Mix of Information to read, experience and DO it yourself

The best part of the museum is you get to try out some of the science experiments, hear insect noises, hear birds singing, experience earthquake tremors! There is a small bio lab set up , heat map cameras, robots are installed which are configurable –  you can make them do certain tasks! The best way to learn is to do it yourself – very simple and effective ways are installed at the museum. Learning is fun, no doubt!

Last but not the least – 4M

IF YOU MISS this floor, you have to go back to the museum and see it…

THIS floor is like a surprise! Thorough detailing on various areas in ornithology are covered. A small game for children where they learn the beak shapes and how birds pickup food with spoon, flat beak shaped utensils. There is a simulated bird flight game too! I loved the approach on presenting information – allows anyone to deep dive into the subject! THIS floor made me think – there is nothing like this in Pune (India)! Food for thought…

Parting Lines

Seriously? You want me to say this again? YES IT IS A MUST VISIT PLACE !

Some information links on Perot Museum

Official Website :

City Pass Dallas

Dallas CityPASS

Address: 2201 N Field St, Dallas, TX 75201

Friday 10AM–6PM
Saturday 10AM–6PM
Sunday 11AM–6PM
Monday 10AM–6PM
Tuesday 10AM–6PM
Wednesday 10AM–6PM
Thursday 10AM–6PM