Discover Mackinac Island – The Jewel of Great Lakes

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I started off writing this blog post as an informative one, with lots of links, how and where to go, best recommendations etc etc. And then realized and read the tittle – it says ‘discover’ Mackinac Island.

What is Mackinac Island like?

There are two options for you, look at the video below and read further, or look at the video below and get back to work 🙂 But – I am sure, this island will urge you to travel. If that is the case – say yay in the comment section 🙂

NOW that you have seen the video and are ready to take a look at some more pictures, here you go!

cycle mackinac island
What else could make me happy – riding along side water

Mackinac Island – where vehicles are not allowed

The moment you get down from the ferry ride, you will see many bike renting companies. Though you can walk the entire island in say less than 3 hours. Cycling is fun! So rent a bike and enjoy the  8 miles of the island. Read : Cycling ride in konkan . Along with cycles, horse carriages are available.

Distant view of Icebreaker Mackinaw – The largest icebreaker of the great lakes.  Built during the world war II . Decommissioned in 2006
Mackinac Island Mackinaw city
Seen from the ferry – we took Shelpers ferry from mackinaw city
Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

The bridge is fifth largest suspension bridge in the world. 5 miles in length , is also known as ‘Mighty Mac’. Here are some facts which you can go through – Mackinac Bridge Facts

Riding from British Landing towards the fort. A green cover and slightly hilly road
Riding along the lake, this route is too good to leave. It would be fun to run along this route too
Church along the way – on the island
As see from the fort, a neat small town
Fort Mackinac – Information

Highest point of the island – Fort Holmes.
Arch Rock – I guess this is the SPOT for clicking selfies and group pictures 🙂
Governor’s residence for summer! THAT IS SUCH a great idea and a place to have 🙂

Mackinac Island and FUDGE!

You can actually smell fudge, while you are still in the ship! Yes, the fudge is recommended.

That is how you should express love!
I found the fudge TOOOOO SWEET, but there are so many flavours which you can try out.

Have you visited such place? Where you forget yourself and breathe well? Share the places – would love to update my bucket list.

Some information about island

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