A day in Salzburg without Internet

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As travelers, Internet has made a BIG change to the way we access information. Maps, Apps and social media stories allow us to be well connected. We thought of changing this for a our one day trip to Salzburg.
We were in Munich, and collected our Bayern-Ticket. A fantastic 2hr plus some minutes of train journey to Salzburg!

The train journey was amazing, passing through green patches, light rain and small villages. A church outside every village was seen very prominently. As we left Munich, a couple boarded the train with their cycles, they were off to Salzburg for 2 days of cycling (jealous!).

We reached Salzburg and visited the information center, to collect maps and info-brochures. Picked up a place for breakfast nearby. We sat down, ordered breakfast and beer, to plan out our day; marking the places on the map to be covered. All on foot and without internet (i.e using a paper map)

Beer for breakfast

Walking in Salzburg is a such an amazing experience, light showers and almost no crowds on the road. Prominent observation was that there were no traffic signals and cars were stopping for pedestrians at the road crossings. Mirabell garden was few steps away from Mozart’s house and we had to cross Salzach. A bridge that connects two sides of the city had love locks on the railings. Spent few minutes reading what’s written on the locks.
Apparently, love was in the air.

Salzburg Map
As we were heading to Fortress Hohensalzburg, we crossed several good looking buildings, smart men with horse carts, neat cafes and Kapitelplatz – where a man is standing on a golden globe. The usual city market and churches were part of our walk.
We saw a small bakery run by family, run using hydro-power to run the operations.

We took a cable car to the fortress. A well maintained place and a breath-taking view from the fort.

View from the fortress

Our last stop for the day was Augustiner brew house, where we wanted to treat ourselves with loads of beer, before we catch our train to Munich. On our way to the brewery we ran through Mozart square.

Mozart Square

Augustiner brew house is the oldest brewery. A nice huge space which had dark hall, passages and empty chairs. We were disappointed and worried to see this. As we moved ahead, saw a staircase which lead us to a big garden where people were chilling and enjoying beer!  What a happy vibe it was. As we walked to the station with many large mugs of beer in the belly, heavy bladder made me spend 1 EURO for peeing at the Salzburg station.
Enjoy some beer pics and plan a trip without apps and internet!

PS – we walked around 17 kms exploring Salzburg – no internet, ONLY paper Map and much-needed Beer!