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Clicked in Philadelphia, opposite to Trinity Church, while I was walking towards Arch street

Every image is seen differently by different people. Every single person will have a story to tell about what they say. Hence, #PicturesPersonified – A collaborative effort, where all can share their perspective, their story when they see a single image.

So here is how it goes – 

  1. Mention your short story in the comment section below. (Keep it less than 100 words)
  2. You may pick up any comment and extend that story.
  3. All the comments will be monitored, any spam links or content will be removed.

So here is my story:

A door has two locks and the book stand has 100+ books for sale. The road is empty. You can stand and read for free. Nobody will call you a thief if you don’t break open the door.

What is your story?