The untold travel stories – fears and failures while traveling

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Travel Fears and failures

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How do you see travel?

Travel for many people is so many things.
I see so many inspiring pictures, videos, bucket lists, itineraries and what not. Does it help me adding something to my wander list? It does.
Today when content creation and distribution is done in so many ways, there so many avenues for reaching out to people, I always have felt the need of holding some moments back for me. I might sound selfish but it allows me to soak in the tale of ‘traveling’. Or the need for not showing  ONLY ‘the pretty side of traveling’

Travel: Fears and Failures

Having said that, what I have seen and would want to change, is to share more real travel stories which also involve fear and failures while traveling. Hold on, yes there are times when you think why the hell are you traveling. I almost come to a point of canceling my trip just before the trip. But then when I wake up in the morning, book the cab and board the flight – it all vanishes, and the quest for stories begin.

The travel list – which is rarely shared by bloggers

So let me list down fears and failures of the traveling journey. This, in my opinion, will allow more people to relate to what they think before they travel or while they are traveling.
  • The fear of losing passport – I have dreams about this and I constantly check my passport often to be assured that it is in right place. More anxiety kicks in when I do my laundry and after good 30mins, fear grips in that I left the passport in some pocket – the entire world spins around – oh it will be damaged, wet and bruised!
  • Booking canceled – A hotel booking or a plane ticket, this fear kind of helps me to think of alternatives. Though it has never happened to me, but have seen many travelers who are told at the reception center that their booking is canceled
  • Being pulled at the security check – Oh man! This makes me sweat most of the times. Typically just before the journey
  • The real things like – missing a train, catching up a subway which is going in the exact opposite reaction
  • Touching the city and thinking I should just go back to the room and sleep. And there comes an interesting story or a picture which makes the entire thought stream disappear
  • Ordering wrong food for a hefty price – It feels bad at that moment, but in a macro world, this just is part of travel. What is more annoying is feeling your stomach empty even after spending $$$ on food.
  • Fear of homeless people – Haven’t been attacked by anyone yet, but yes I always think they will hurt me or ask me for money. Happened to me in Oakland, Lake Merritt.
  • Fear of losing wallet – I am sure you all have this one!
  • Internet not working – We are so glued and addicted to our phones; when the internet stops working, you feel a little lost. Like in New York, the network was OFF. I relied on GPS, asked few people for directions and used screenshots for scheduling my day. Screenshots of subway timings and stations. Wifi at NY subway stations kinda helped, but roaming without internet was uncomfortable
These are some of the not so ‘glamorous’ travel moments which I experienced. All I am saying is getting over these difficulties or fears or failures is not very hard. The only thing which you have to do is pack your bag and leave.
What are your fears and failures?
New York, Subway station
Almost empty station, NY

7 thoughts on “The untold travel stories – fears and failures while traveling

  1. I don’t know whether we can categorize this in the list of ‘fears’, but for some people losing their perception about life and lifestyle of people around them while traveling can be considered as a fear!
    Thus they tend to keep a safe distance from the surroundings where they travel.
    Although it is said that ‘when in Rome…’, such people try to avoid new things like food, habits, activities etc in other countries and stick to their fixed routine.
    On some occasions it can be safer option in case of food and habits but in the larger perceptive they miss out trying some of the most interesting or must-do things from that particular region, isn’t it?