Snapseed for Photo Editing – Easy guide for photography lovers

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Stop being lazy and spend some time on editing the photos you take.

The good news is, there are many apps or softwares which enable quick and sharp edits. Wait… I am not referring to Photoshop or Lightroom. These are excellent tools, especially for professionals (amateurs too), but what they lack it – Editing on the Go! I love Snapseed – excellent photo editing app on the go! It is available on both Android and iOS

As it is true for almost all the apps, this too, will take some time for you to understand the flow, functions and its impact. In this short guide-note I will be taking you through basic features and workflow which I follow to edit the pictures. Being a photographer and/or traveler, sharing pictures on Instagram is a super priority. Relying on the filters provided by Instagram is NOT recommended.

Before we get to how to use Snapseed for editing photos, let us glance through some images which I have edited using Snapseed. In order to make a simple comparison, have used Layout to create collage (This allows easy sharing on Instagram as well) . I hope you can spot the before after images 🙂

Examples of Images – Used Snapseed for editing these images

Let us get into the screenshot of workflow which I have used to edit the image

Open Snapseed and tap to open the image which you want to edit. The edit icon shows following screen which has various edit options and some presets  which you can quickly access.

Edit Options

Tune Image – allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, ambience, saturation, warmth etc of the picture. A quick retouch on these parameters runs you quickly through the edit. Scroll up navigation allows you to change the edit parameters. Once you select say brightness – the swipe horizontally, to the left to reduce it, to the right to increase it. These easy controls make Snapseed a superb app to edit on the go.

Tune Image

Once done with the basic edits, you can click on the compare icon – top right corner to see the changes done to original image. It is like a quick preview function.

Before Edit
After Edit

Selective function – the magical feature of Snapseed

This allows you to select areas in a picture and work on brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness restricted to that area only. Fun fact is you can add multiple selective areas in the image. For e.g. in the image which I was editing, top right corner of the image has bright sky, using selective option, brightness in that area is lowered.

Selective Function

Adding text – A short description on the image, with various styles and colors is effective. The app has various styles and you can select colors as shown below

Adding Text Options
Final edit of the image using Snapseed

Finally. It is very easy to share the image via various apps or you can save it on your phone.

Save and sharing options

Hope you find this guide useful and will allow you to explore more. While sharing the picture on Instagram use #PPSnapseed , I will be featuring the images on my blog! Happy editing on the go…

Equipment is use : Canon 6D

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