Do we need Rodeo Shows? Stockyards visit was a mistake

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I feel bad for visiting stockyards

Visit to Fort Worth, Dallas was fun until I visited stockyards. Mentioned as the ‘game’ for Texas with cowboy hats and long boots flaunting at the venue, The Fort Worth Rodeo show left me with a sad feeling of being part of it. The arena was full of crowds cheering (sadly, even I was a part of it). Where I saw huge business potential at the cost of injuries to animals, injuries to riders and overall act of cruelty.

Watch this till the end – the last 20 seconds are IMPORTANT

Some research

This video was a trigger for me to search for information on rodeo shows, bull riding, stockyards etc. I wouldn’t have visited stockyards, If I had done this research before visiting it.

I am listing some links so that you can check how people are looking at this ‘sport’

Bucking Bulls, Flank Straps and more : These bulls / horse buck when released from the chute. The rider is sitting on their back. This article states and confirms that animals are ‘made uncomfortable’ but not harmed. Read – How do they make bulls buck at the rodeo and Are the flanks used in bull riding attached to the testicles?

In a weird video where this person says – it is a training tool and see the flank straps as ‘seat belt’! What on earth makes this video sane?

Bulls abused during bull riding event in Halifax, Nova Scotia

There are various games at the show such as calf roping. Here is a video which shows injuries to animals.

In this article by PETA about Rodeo Shows , this quote is disturbing. Read the full article
PETA quote - rodeo shows

It is cruel to the animals, and they don’t deserve this

Some people calling it as a sport, ‘it needs guts to ride a bull’ and similar statements. You will find articles which say that the game ‘doesn’t hurt animals, infact a special bond is created between the rider and animal’. If you look at the videos – you definitely know that THIS IS JUST WRONG.

Search ‘Ban Rodeos’ on google and you will see some petitions on etc – many are closed now. Many have less than 10000 supporters. The real change will happen when the ‘business’ around such shows STOPS!

I had a chat with Bhairavi – passionate animal lover, about rodeo shows. Here quote is what I would like to leave this post with. She says –

I don’t know what to quote. I can say a big F word