Printing in early 1700s – Check out the print house in Philadelphia

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Print House Philadelphia Benjamin Franklin

Philadelphia and hidden stories

My visit to Philadelphia has so many stories. Finding this print house in Philadelphia and learning how the printing happened in the 1700s was eye-opening for me. I will write other stories in a separate post.

Benjamin Franklin Print House

After visiting Liberty Bell, I started walking and reached this entrance, which said print house. I thought it is just an old building and reluctantly went inside. To my surprise, this was the printing-house by Benjamin Franklin and had the machine… the place where declaration statement was printed. Here is a video explaining the printing press. Please listen carefully.

This took me back to 1700s

Arranging the pages – such a painful task! Next to the print house, there is Franklin Museum, where you can learn about this great man – an artist, entrepreneur, politician! I tried a simulated version of the printing process. They called it – Internship at the print house.

What fascinated me?

The printing process was so labor intensive. Yet the impact it had was tremendous. What is more interesting is to learn how Benjamin Franklin learned this art of printing. He went to London to buy printing machine, as advised by the governor then. Somehow the deal went off, so he stayed in London for 18 months and did an internship, jobs at print houses. Then came back to America after 2.5 months of voyage. Later owned  Pennsylvania Gazette. You can read the story in detail here

Print house Philadelphia
The building – where printing press was started – The left of picture has the print machine
Print house philadelphia
Declaration of Independence – Philadelphia on July 4, 1776.