Common mistakes we should avoid while clicking

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Common mistakes in photography

Some mistakes are silly and some mistakes happen because we are ignorant

Silly mistakes like forgetting memory card (I HAVE done this when I went to Dachau, Germany) or not charging the battery. Even better forgetting the battery at the charging station. To overcome these mistakes, you just have to relax, check and re-check before you leave to click.Let us get to the common photography mistakes many people make while clicking

Shooting against light

This is simple, right? The object which you are shooting has to be in perfect light. Hence, if you are clicking a person or food dish, make sure you are not facing the light source, that keeps your subject in dark. But if you are clicking a silhouette, then you have to click against light 🙂

Here is an example of shooting the coffee mug against light and with the light.

Being Lazy – That’s a mistake easily avoidable

Especially when you are traveling, it is important to catch the gold light! Wait, what is golden light? Typically 2 hrs after the sunrise and 2 hrs before the sunset. Shoot anything – and your pictures will be awesome! Please note that the mood will be different during these two-time periods. So you have to wake up early to catch the morning light.

Being Lazy while clicking

Continuing the ‘being lazy’ trait, many people spend less than a minute clicking pictures .

A door, street, product, person standing in front of you, monument anything. Take some moments to step back and look at the surroundings. Changing angles changes light, changes frame and hence brings out best photos when you experiment. Be patient and creative – always experiment. Please don’t rush and finish off the picture in single click 🙂

Do not forget to click in portrait and landscape mode.

Rush to delete images from the camera

Thanks to the digital age, we have enough storage space for our photographs. Plus, we carry decent sized SD cards, but I have seen many people deleting images direct from the camera – while they are looking which pictures have come out nice or not. PLEASE get back to your laptop, copy the images and view them on a bigger screen. Then decide to delete the image. I have learnt this hard way only after loosing decent shots – primarily because I deleted the wrong image(s).

Ignoring the camera settings

Enough practice makes this mistake avoidable. Plus it is ok to shoot on Auto mode – if you aren’t aware of camera settings. Or A program mode. Especially for jungle safaris – where you don’t have much time to adjust camera settings. But, before clicking the next image – or especially the next round of shoot, please make sure you have the right camera settings. Often – if not always, some of the best early shots turn bad due to old settings.

Has this happened to me? Yes – especially during wedding shoots. When the light and place changes, I have lost some good clicks as I forgot to change the settings 🙂 PS – Now I don’t make this mistake 🙂


Leaving you with this last tip – hahahaha! Yes, please remove the lens cap! Enjoy clicking. Would be happy to hear from you . Let me know if you have any doubts or want me to write anything specific. Also – Here is how you can edit pictures on the go – Using SnapSeed 🙂 . I hope you avoid these common photography mistakes next when you click.