Perfect Camera – Is it a myth?

We all love to click. We all love to capture memories. Often but not always, we complain about the camera we have. People click Perfect images with perfect camera – is a thought which is completely not true. There is nothing called as a perfect camera.

IT is important to find, select and buy a camera which is perfect for you! Before you go to the shop or do a quick research online, here are some points which you should consider.

Let us start with this disclaimer :

I am not promoting any camera brand, this blog post has my views on selecting a camera. Let’s begin to unfold the myth of Perfect Camera 🙂 Further. You can read how to edit images on the go, using Snapseed.

Buying Camera: Purpose Vs Price

Need to figure out why I want to buy a camera? Most of the times, you would want to buy a DSLR, let us first walk through why do you need one.

    1. Amateur photographer & Beginner
    2. Want to have one
    3. Peer Pressure
    4. Want to have AN SLR just for the sake of it

The last option is the most dangerous. Please don’t buy SLR just because it is cheaper and all your friends have it.  For people who will not use camera except for trips with friends, or during family get-together, I would suggest go for high-end point & shoot cameras. Many people who want to buy camera for capturing travel memories, for them too, buying a compact camera makes a lot of sense.

Advantages of Point&Shoot 

    1. Very easy to carry
    2. No need to change lens
    3. Excellent image quality
    4. One time investment
    5. No need to buy range of lenses

Here are some good options


Deciding your budget is very important. In fact that’s the first thing to be sorted out. AND based on the purpose, please manage the budget. The table below gives a summary of cameras available in different price ranges (these may vary / from the current market rates)

Price Range (Rs)
Type of Camera Features
8000-10,000 Basic P&S Less use, easy to use, easy to carry
10,000-15,000 Decent P&S Normal use, easy t carry, good images
15,000-25,000 High End-P&S perfect for heavy use, yet not professional
25,000-35,000 SLR beginners Buy these if your usage is heavy, and you know your style
35,000 and above SLR range Amateur photographers

Some Key points for SLR buyers

    1. SLR come with a kit lens 18mm-55mm (Basic lens included with most of the cameras)
    2. There are some offers(on Amazon or other sites) where kit lens is 28-135mm and/or 18-55mm
    3. For a longer range, you need to buy lenses (for birding here is a decent lens to buy)
    4. When you know your style, you need to choose correct lenses, which suit and enhance your photo style
    5. IF you are going to click less often, please buy high-end Point & Shoot camera

Which Camera BRAND ?

There are 2 group of photographers fighting over which brand is good. With the kind of competition persists between camera makers, no brand can afford a sub-standard quality. The difference, is between the ease of controlling settings, while clicking and this too is very user specific.  This point shouldn’t affect your decision to buy a camera. Do not pay  much attention to such discussions.

New Favorites

Recent reads have made think about FUJI and Panasonic cameras too. Especially for video shooting and travel photography. I have seen some really compact models. I suggest you to have a look at these companies too!

Do you need accessories?

  • The basic accessories are covered in the price, which include camera bag, screen guards, chargers, memory card etc.
  • Tripod, hood, UV filters – Are not must have accessories, but are good to have. Check Camera Accessories

Some recommendations for you

Where to buy?

  • If you are buying SLRs – I would recommend authorized dealers
  • For lenses – authorized dealers

Hope this helps you to select a PERFECT camera. Happy Clicking. Feel free to ask me questions if you have any. I would be happy to help you in selecting your camera.


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  1. Nice post Soham.
    Can you cover a recent trend of mirrorless camera as well?
    What it is, how good or bad it is for SLR enthusiast and what will be the recommendation.

    Also some basics about comparing SLR will be helpful.