I started off writing this blog post as an informative one, with lots of links, how and where to go, best recommendations etc etc. And then realized and read the tittle – it says ‘discover’ Mackinac Island. What is Mackinac Island like? There are two options for you, look at the video below and read…Continue Reading “Discover Mackinac Island – The Jewel of Great Lakes”

Travel and Photography Inspiration : From Instagram Instagram has been a source of inspiration and great knowledge sharing platform for me. The relationship with Instagram is two-way! While I share my stories, I get inspired by some brilliant content. The way some people net a story around travel & photography is so amazing. Here are…Continue Reading “Top Instagram Inspiration for Travel and Photography”


मी इथे आल्यापासून पाहतोय – गाड्या चालवणारी लोकं,अर्थात वाहनचालक दिसत कशी नाहीत !? आणि हाच प्रश्न मला आज पुन्हा पडला…