Travel and Photography Inspiration : From Instagram Instagram has been a source of inspiration and great knowledge sharing platform for me. The relationship with Instagram is two-way! While I share my stories, I get inspired by some brilliant content. The way some people net a story around travel & photography is so amazing. Here are…Continue Reading “Top Instagram Inspiration for Travel and Photography”


मी इथे आल्यापासून पाहतोय – गाड्या चालवणारी लोकं,अर्थात वाहनचालक दिसत कशी नाहीत !? आणि हाच प्रश्न मला आज पुन्हा पडला…

Common mistakes in photography

Some mistakes are silly and some mistakes happen because we are ignorant Silly mistakes like forgetting memory card (I HAVE done this when I went to Dachau, Germany) or not charging the battery. Even better forgetting the battery at the charging station. To overcome these mistakes, you just have to relax, check and re-check before you…Continue Reading “Common mistakes we should avoid while clicking”