Journey of a book and Traveler

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Wonderful book called SILK. Finished reading it over a cup of coffee on a rainy Sunday evening in #Pune

As I turned pages, a traveler asked whether he can sit on my table. I nodded.

Oriental face, leather camera bag. Ordered something. Took out his camera. Started documenting the place. I went back to the pages – reading this amazing story of Herve.

A story about silk, war and Japan. A story which flows like a lively stream. A story which you cannot put on hold…

As his order came in, he arranged the paper napkin, spoon, the fork. Clicked.

We never spoke, from where he came, his life, my life. We smiled as I left the cafe.Story from the book got over. But what about story of the traveler? Who knows. The journey is on…forever!

Silk with coffee and ‘the traveler’