Why is it Fortunate to Visit North Rim – Grand Canyon?

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A worthwhile trip for those who enjoy the road less traveled, the North Rim, or “other side” of the Grand Canyon is visited by only 10% of all Grand Canyon visitors.

North Rim – Grand Canyon

Grand canyon is a scheme by Nature – where you have to go and get mesmerised! IT IS absolutely difficult to summarise, express and appreciate – Grandness of Grand Canyon! For whatever I write and explain – You have to visit this Natural Wonder – Called Grand Canyon.

Now, I use word fortunate – for a reason. North rim experiences cold / snow and it is open till 15th Oct from May 15th. Rest of the year – the North rim is closed – and renders it inaccessible.

It is Different – It is beautiful

Over 8000ft in elevation – this place remains untouched, intact and beautiful. Fewer people. More nature. A sense of peace.

Details on how to travel – which points to see  etc is mentioned here on NPS site

Let us go through the North Rim

Traveling from South rim to North rim is a boring journey initially , until you see amazing green patches, tall trees, and animals grazing.

Way towards North Rim
5hr drive from South to North Rim gets you this view


North Rim - Lodge which is next to Bright Angel Point Grand Canyon
North Rim – Lodge which is next to Bright Angel Point / left to the frame is visitor center

The parking lot is next to visitors centre – right behind that – is a view which is known as Bright Angel Point. Here is what you see…

Bright Angel Point

Scenic Drive to Cape Royal and Point Imperial

Turning back from the visitors centre, a wonderful scenic drive takes you to the two main view points of North Rim. Along the way, you have smaller stop areas. Both these points – are ‘road ends here’ kind of points. There is nothing ahead – But Grandness!

Scenic Drive
Desert View from Park




There is a paved path to reach where you see people standing – chilling out…
Sticky view on the way – moving ahead to Point Imperial
View of Mt. Hayden – from Point Imperial. This is the highest overlook view in the park
Layers of red and black Precambrian rocks