How I lost 240$ in 50 secs in Las Vegas

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What Happens in Las Vegas – Doesn’t Stay in Las Vegas

Nothing hits you hard when you lose money! Yes, I lost 240$, without realising that I am losing money in Las Vegas! No rewards for guessing it – I was at a casino! Now let us rewind and see How I made 245$ from 5$!

Roulette : The little wheel of fortune

The moment you are in Vegas, at the airport, you will see slot machines where you can win some money! The vibe is eclectic! Though you can spend some time here, something bigger, better and shinier is waiting outside the airport.

Most of the hotels – rather all the hotels will have small or big casinos. SO finding one isn’t difficult. I would rather say, avoiding one is extremely difficult. To cut the story short, we , Kedar and I started off playing at MGM – a famous casino on the Las Vegas Strip. We tried slot machines, won from 5 to 11.5$! Got the money, went back in search of roulette. What is Roulette ? Roulette is a casino game named after the French word meaning little wheel. In the game, players may choose to place bets on either a single number or a range of numbers, the colours red or black, or whether the number is odd or even, or if the numbers are high (19–36) or low (1–18). ~ From Wikipedia

Las Vegas Casino
Kedar and I Playing Roulette machine

Winning Streak

After winning smaller amounts, day 2 in Vegas was to chase big money! Yes, gambling is about chasing and hoping to win! We were nowhere in the league of ‘actual gambling’ but I was eager to see how to win and make more money. So, we checked in at Bellagio . Fancy, stylish and HUGE! The dancing fountain outside this famous property is something to check out. Will write more about the Vegas Experience in some other post, for now let us focus on $$$!

Bellagio Las Vegas
At Bellagio

5$ to 245$

We started off with just 5$ at the roulette machine. The real roulette had minimum bets over 25$. We played safe with 1 $ bets initially – that to on guessing red or black. Then we shifted to combinations about color and odd or even! Whether the number will hit certain brackets with heavier bets – capping up to 5$! Quickly we reached to 30$. Wow! That was 6 times the money we started with.

The Greed Climbs up!

We were confident enough to ‘think’ we had the machine pattern cracked. And for good 30mins we were playing as if we will earn tons of money off that machine. We were able to bet higher amounts and win most of the times. I remember climbing from 30$ to 59$ to 75$ to 120$ then hovering at 200$ mark. That was 40 times the money we started with! Then at 234$ I said – let us take the money and go! BUT – greed! We wanted to touch 300. We cruised well to hit 245! AND THAT was the last time we won!

Downhill from 245$

What seemed easy for 30 mins started changing. The machine pattern started dodging us, and we kept on betting higher amounts. Our bets increased from 20 to 50$ in no time. And suddenly we saw our fall to 175! Still that was 35 times of 5$. We could have quit. BUT GREED! We did the largest bet of 90! Lost! Net credit was 85$. We won another 20, taking us to 105. And NOW We were set to double the amount, and reach 300$ mark.

Brain stopped working – logic went flying out of the window!

So from 105 we lost two 50$ bets, coming back to 5$. By this time – our brain was refusing to give up, till the time we had 0$! Honestly, it was extremely sad! WE looked at each other – never smiled!

Now going back to those 30 secs where we went  down with 200$ – I realise that the greed, refuse to pull back, and the ‘kick’ of winning had taken us badly! No wonder logic was the last thing we thought about! Infact, we never ever thought of the calculations I have mentioned above. The only goal – was to make more money!

Knowing where to STOP

Casino – is a place never to stop! They are designed that way! I am smiling right now , as I am writing this. Knowing where to STOP is so important. We were not successful. Though this is important learning from the experience, I am not sure how my (or your) brain will work when you multiply your money on the table!

When you play next – remember to stop when you have earned enough – sadly ‘enough’ is a myth!

All the best for your next ‘gamble’ … coz this game is addictive!