Bastille on Bishop – The Dallas Way

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What is Bastille Day?

Hey, I had the same question until I saw a post by Dallasites101 about Bastille day celebrations on 14th July! I read about what is Bastille Day – It is a celebration of French National Day.  Bastille on Bishop – as it is known in Dallas! Voila, we decided to go to Bishop Art District that day!

The Mood

A very eclectic mood with lots of people gathering for Bastille Day. A special occasion to celebrate together with booth setups for wine, food and artifacts. The Bishop Art district was geared up to welcome people, including the event organizers and the shops in that area! Music playing at the corners of the street, people drinking wine, shopping – a fun evening! Glad we came here…

Organizers booth where people flocked for wine and beer

As we were exploring

Oh and yes, while walking towards the venue, a lady(wearing pink) crossed the road and gave her a rose. Smiled – and said “It is rose day today, so you get rose”. Such a wonderful gesture. Though I managed to ask them for a click, I missed asking her name 🙂

” It is rose day today, so you get rose”.

As we hopped art galleries, enjoyed some ice-cream – we found Lorin Bemsen – caricature artist! He was super and was sketching people very quickly. You should check his Instagram feed for sure!

Lorin at work – @ Bishop Art District

Evening jazzed up with Celebrations

Our Bastille Day celebration take-home were these glasses. I am sure with all these pictures and the La Vie En Rose – you will find Bastille Day celebrations somewhere near you, if not in Dallas!

About the organizers and more details

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