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Visiting Antelope canyon is like exploring the magic of light. Whether it is upper or lower antelope, it is a treat to your camera. No doubt I enjoyed amazing time at Antelope Canyon.

Formation of Canyons

The exact period of formation of these beautiful structures is unknown, several thousand or millions of years ago, would be an appropriate way to describe. Erosion of Navajo Rock led to the formation of these canyons. More information is available on Wikipedia.

While patience is overlooked these days, creating such a wonderful piece of nature took so many years. Heavy floods in the basin areas led to the erosion of land, water rushing through passages created these canyons.

Antelope Canyon Tours

The only way to explore the Canyons is with local guided tour operators. The Navajo tribe has distributed areas under small groups which operate and manage tours. The ticket price per tour ranges from 25$ to 80$ per person. There are many tour operators there, I would recommend have patience and speak with few and book it with the lowest ticket price. They will take you in a jeep to the canyons. They arrange for water too. Below are the details of the tour which we took.

Antelope Canyon Tours
All these groups are Navajo tribe, their main source of income are these tours. Recommended. Typical time spent is 2 hrs (max 3 hrs)

Lower Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon is called Tsé bighánílíní and is very crowded. VERY crowded. The lower one comparatively has fewer tourists – and you will get some time to click pictures. BUT the upper antelope is more beautiful in terms of colors and patterns seen, along with the famous beams of light, which I didn’t visit.

Free Wallpapers: Download any or all

I haven’t put any watermark on the images, I don’t like it. So when you download the wallpapers, as a thank you note, share it with your friends who would love to have these. Would be happy if you tag me and give credit to the photographer (which is me). Also, there are 3 wallpapers (blend series)  which are mixing of two images – I have edited using Snapseed.

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See Through
Motion Rock
Gentle Blend
Glowing Up
1 Blend of Canyons
2 Blend of Canyons
3 Blend of Canyons