Antelope Canyon : Magic of Light – Download Free Wallpapers

Visiting Antelope canyon is like exploring the magic of light. Whether it is upper or lower antelope, it is a treat to your camera. No doubt I enjoyed amazing time at Antelope Canyon. Formation of Canyons The exact period of formation of these beautiful structures is unknown, several thousand or millions of years ago, would be…Continue Reading “Antelope Canyon : Magic of Light – Download Free Wallpapers”

Marathi Travel Blog

  स्वयंपाक करणे म्हणजे काय ‘थेरपी’ आहे म्हणाऱ्यांना नंतर भांडी घासावी लागत नाहीत बहुदा. मीठ, हळद आणि तेल उडवलेले ओट्यावरचे डाग यांना साफ करावे लागत नाहीत. मात्र तेल तापेपर्यंत भारी मजा येते बरका . भाजी चिरणे, रेसिपीची उजळणी, एकंदर आपण कुकिंग शो मध्ये आहोत अशा अविर्भावानी मी सगळी तयारी करतो . एकदम चकाचक अरेजनमेंटच. कढईत…Continue Reading “पेटपूजा”

डॅलस दिवाळी

प्रगत देशात – अमाप वीज असते, पाण्याचं  नियोजन उत्तम असतं. आणि ते खरंच आहे. कधी लाईट गेलेत , लोड शेडींग आहे , नळ कोरडे आहेत किंवा अमुक वेळा पाणी जाणारे , कळशी भरून ठेवा असे ऐकले तरी नाही. मुळात इथे कळशी ‘वॉलमार्ट’ मध्ये मी तरी पाहिली नाही. तर मुद्दा असा आहे , की इतकी सुबत्ता…Continue Reading “२४ तास ३६५ दिवस दिवे का चालू ठेवतात ?”

132 books on a shelf… so many stories | Pictures Personified

Every image is seen differently by different people. Every single person will have a story to tell about what they say. Hence, #PicturesPersonified – A collaborative effort, where all can share their perspective, their story when they see a single image. So here is how it goes –  Mention your short story in the comment…Continue Reading “132 books on a shelf… so many stories | Pictures Personified”

Print House Philadelphia Benjamin Franklin

Philadelphia and hidden stories My visit to Philadelphia has so many stories. Finding this print house in Philadelphia and learning how the printing happened in the 1700s was eye-opening for me. I will write other stories in a separate post. Benjamin Franklin Print House After visiting Liberty Bell, I started walking and reached this entrance,…Continue Reading “Printing in early 1700s – Check out the print house in Philadelphia”

I started off writing this blog post as an informative one, with lots of links, how and where to go, best recommendations etc etc. And then realized and read the tittle – it says ‘discover’ Mackinac Island. What is Mackinac Island like? There are two options for you, look at the video below and read…Continue Reading “Discover Mackinac Island – The Jewel of Great Lakes”